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Shots Fired at Youth Football Game per Lawyer

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It seems with every passing week the shootings in and around our city became a little more reckless. Our lawyer in Greensboro was advised that this weekend just after 5 PM, families were gathered with the children at a youth football game. As the game was about to start, our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that a fight broke out at one end of the football field.

Someone was hit with a big stick according to a criminal lawyer in Greensboro. This led to two groups getting ready to fight and someone chasing another person down onto the football field.

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Our top rated attorney in Greensboro was advised that someone yelled out that one of the people had a gun. This created a panic and then shots rang out with children all around.

Police were called to the scene with reference to shots being fired. Upon arrival they found the suspects vehicle and that vehicle reversed into one of their patrol cars.

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Our car accident lawyer in Greensboro was told that no one was injured in the car wreck. The suspect then sped off in a high speed chase.

The suspect car then crashed into another vehicle and the suspect took off running.

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Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro was advised that the suspect managed to get away and criminal investigators are attempting to track him down. Our Greensboro law firm has been advised that parents have had enough. If you can’t safely have you kids at a youth football game, what can you do?

Our criminal lawyer in Greensboro has been told that the person will  be facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill, felony flee to elude and could be facing possession of a firearm by felon, and other misdemeanor and felony criminal charges.

Our top rated family attorney in Greensboro is just happy no one was injured as a result of this brazen act. Stay safe Greensboro!