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3 Overdoses Leads to Charges per Criminal Lawyer

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Criminal Lawyer in Greensboro

Death by distribution is nothing to play around with in North Carolina. Our top rated criminal lawyer in Greensboro has been advised that people died due to drug overdoses which led to an investigation as to who was selling the drugs that led to death.

Our wrongful death lawyer in Greensboro was advised that there were a total of five victims who were found to have injected cocaine laced with fentynal. Two of the people who were treated survived according to a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro. However, three people have turned up dead as a result of the injecting of these drugs. Our drug lawyer in Greensboro was advised that police backtracked through the criminal investigation and ended up arresting the person they believe to be responsible.

Our family lawyer in Greensboro sends up her thoughts and prayers for those involved and those who lost their lives. Stay safe Greensboro!