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Shooting on Interstate per Guilford County Criminal Lawyer

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Guilford County Criminal Lawyer

The interstate is the major thoroughfare for most people when traveling from one place to another. Our Guilford County criminal lawyer has sadly seen an influx of situations involving people exchanging gunfire on the interstate. People are going every which way and the accuracy of a firearm on the interstate is limited at best.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Guilford County report a shooting that took place early this morning in Greensboro on I-40. Local reports are coming in that the shooting took place on W. Wendover Ave just before 5 AM. Fortunately, this isn’t the busiest time in the whole world when it comes to interstate travel, however, there are still people on the road who could be injured at that time.

The driver of the vehicle that was shot at was grazed by the bullet and was taken to a local hospital according to lawyers Greensboro NC. The suspect vehicle was a black SUV and investigators are attempting to gather more information as to what caused the shooting at the early morning hour.

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