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Neighbors working to Reduce Violent Crime in Greensboro NC

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Violent crime is up, shooting are up and homicides are right there with them in Greensboro NC. Our top criminal lawyer Greensboro NC has been advised that the resurgence of violent crime has caused law enforcement to be pulled in every which direction to help those who have been the victims of a shooting. The problem is, law enforcement begins an investigation of one shooting, and then there’s another, then another, and then another.

One local community is coming together to do their part. Anthony Morgan is a local activist who is putting everything he can in helping to reduce violent crime in our city. He is working to create programs and events for youth as a way to help guide them away from crime. Our Greensboro criminal lawyers find this to be extremely commendable and we’re hoping more and more see his example and then follow his lead.

Mr. Morgan said his goal is to create relationships with our youth with the hope that it can create a bridge to their future. Knowing they can have someone to speak with who cares about them in their community may very well be enough to keep them away from the steak of gun violence our city is currently experiencing.

Mr. Morgan says he’ll continue to work even if it’s only making a small difference. Our top rated criminal lawyers believe the difference he’s making, even if it’s for one child, is profound. It could effect that child and then that when that child becomes an adult his future generations.

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