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Rock Band’s Trailer Stolen with Instruments

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A local band is not only dealing with the theft of their trailer, but also the larceny of all of their instruments. The band was hoping to get back to playing local gigs, according to a top rated lawyer in Greensboro, but that all has become impossible without instruments. According to band members, the trailer was stolen on the one year anniversary of their last gig.

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The total value of items in the trailer including instruments and camping gear is approximated at $60,000. Five days later the trailer was located by a lot of their instruments and gear were missing.

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Our Greensboro larceny lawyer was told that the trailer had $7,000 worth of damages.  The trailer was also found in a different county.

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Police arrested Michael Moore with the theft.

The band is now doing a fund-raiser for the equipment lost and trailer. Our Greensboro attorney reports that the band has said they’ll be borrowing equipment until they’re able to afford new instruments as they hope to start playing gigs again in May.