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27-Year-Old Dies in Shooting per Lawyer

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Greensboro Lawyer

Following a shooting, a 27-year-old man has died. Police arrived on scene and attempted CPR along with other life-saving measures but were unable to keep him going.

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Our Greensboro lawyer reports that the man was sitting on his front porch when he was shot.

Several children were at the house when the shooting took place according to a Greensboro family law attorney. Our lawyers in Greensboro are happy to report that no one else was injured in the shooting.

After conducting their initial investigation police found out that the man was shot March 26, 2021 at the same address.

Almost the same facts as there was a drive-by shooting when he was outside. The man was shot during that incident per a Greensboro criminal lawyer, but released after going to the hospital for his personal injuries.

Police have said that there’s a coincidence and then there’s a high degree of probability that these two shooting incidents are related.

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Our top rated attorney in Greensboro will continue to keep you updated on this situation.