Questions for a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

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Greensboro Divorce Lawyer

The process of divorce is often times drawn out to be a long process filled with lots of questions for anyone pursing it. This confusion can tend to make things much more difficult than they need to be so, to help you better prepare yourself here’s what you should expect with divorce part 1.

Divorce Paperwork

The entire process is broken down into four main sections, each with their own sub sections and processes. The first main section is paperwork where the initial process is started. Divorce paperwork has two main steps which begins with the initial filing of the paperwork. During this time, you will work with your lawyer to complete the necessary paperwork to start the entire process. Contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer for more information.


The second step to this portion is then serving the completed paperwork to your spouse so that they can begin the process on their end. In this step the petitioner or, the person filing for divorce, delivers the papers to the respondent, the person receiving them, through a process server. The respondent must then respond to this paperwork within 30 days for the process to continue. This time is also typically when the respondent will hire his or her attorney.


The Discovery

The next large step in the divorce process is the discovery where the majority of the divorce process is handled. The discovery is made up of a financial disclosure, interrogatories, request for production of documents, and finally depositions. The financial disclosure section is simply a disclosure of your financial status to help the parties, lawyers, and possibly the court to decide who will receive what items.


The interrogatories are a 30-day period of time for attorneys and their represented parties to send a list of questions to the opposite party. This list typically has limits set on it about how many questions can be asked to help facilitate the process.

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