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Personal Injury Lawyer gives update on Man Dying Trying to Cross Interstate

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Crossing the interstate on foot is not a good idea. And an especially bad idea at night. Sadly, that’s exactly what a man attempted to do Monday night. He was hit by a car which caused numerous personal injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyer has been advised that the man has died as a result of those injuries from the car accident. Our wrongful death lawyer has advised that due to him contributing to his own harm, his chances for recovery are not good. Our car accident lawyer has advised that the driver of the vehicle who hit the man may be able to recover as long as they didn’t contribute to their own harm.

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Police are not aware as to why he attempted to cross the interstate at that hour. They are continuing to investigate and our criminal lawyer advises that criminal charges will not be brought against the driver of the car that hit the man.

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