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Criminal Lawyer gives update on Former Officer Committing Crimes

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Our criminal lawyer has been given an update on criminal activity outside of Greensboro North Carolina. They were advised that a person of interest was armed with a firearm and attempting to steal a motor vehicle.

When deputies arrived they found the man in a fight with homeowners. The man identified himself as law enforcement and told police that he was working an investigation and not to arrest him. During their continued investigation they found that the owners of the home had no idea who he was.

The homeowners told the officer that the man had put a handgun to their stomach and pulled the trigger. The gun fortunately didn’t discharge and the man did not suffer any injuries according to our personal injury lawyer.

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The officers applied for and were granted a search warrant according to our Greensboro attorney. They found law enforcement attire in the man’s vehicle. He was arrested and placed under a $250,000 bond.

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