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Nurse lucky to be alive after Car Accident

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Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer has received word of a violent car accident where the driver was lucky to walk away. A 62-year-old nurse is in recovery after a man driving in excess of 100 MPH crashed into her car late Friday.

After the car accident, the woman was trapped inside the car and two passerby’s reached into the car and pulled her out. The woman suffered two broken toes according to our personal injury attorney.

Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer

The car was absolutely crushed and the woman felt she was extremely fortunate to be alive. The other driver was driving on a suspended license and did not have an insurance. So this frontline worker, is now without a car, a phone, she’s unable to work because of personal injuries and now she has to pay for it all.

The woman though, remains positive, is happy to be alive and is incredibly thankful for the help of two strangers. Our car accident lawyer in Greensboro is well aware that these acts of kindness are something to truly be commended. They also give us confidence in humanity again.

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