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NFL Player Sentenced in Federal Drug Trafficking Case

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A former standout football player at ECU who later made it to the NFL has found himself behind bars. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for conspiring to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana according to a federal attorney at our law firm.

Our Greensboro attorney received word that back in November of 2017, federal agents executed a search warrant on apartments that were suspected stash locations for marijuana. Federal authorities located more than 40 pounds of marijuana and $370,000 in cash.

Federal agents then set up the next shipment by arrested the two people who were set to be responsible for the shipment. During that arrest that found seven large bags containing almost 200 kilograms of marijuana and almost $68,000 in cash.

The federal government then went and researched the NFL players accounts and found that he had laundered, or committed money laundering on more than ,7 million in drug money over several years.

Our federal criminal lawyer was advised that he played quarterback in high school.

 Then he attended ECU where he was later moved to wide receiver which is where he played with the Cleveland Browns. 14 years in federal prison is a very long time and our thoughts go out to both him and his family.