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Major Trucking Accident involving Firetrucks

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Trucking Accident Attorney

It all started simply enough, a tractor trailer had caught fire as it was headed down the interstate per a Greensboro attorney. Multiple firetrucks responded in order to put the fire out. As three firetrucks were putting out the fire on the truck, another tractor-trailer crashed into the three firetrucks per a trucking accident attorney.

The first accident happened about 3 AM and then the tractor-trailer accident occurred around 4:20 AM. Fortunately, per our personal injury attorney only one person has been taken to the hospital for medical treatment. It’s still not entirely clear as to what caused the car accident. There’s no word as to the severity of the personal injuries sustained by the hospitalized person, but it’s clear that this situation could have been far worse. We hope for a speedy recovery for the injured person.