New Judges for Superior and District Court

In _2016 by GWAO

New Judges for Superior and District Court in North Carolina include:

Eight new superior court judges:

Becky Holt, District 10C

Angela Puckett, District 17B

Lori Hamilton, District 22B

Jeff Foster, District 3A

Josh Willey, District 3B

Kent Harrell, District 5B

Imelda Pate, District 8A

Will Bland, District 8B

Twelve new district court judges:

Wendy Hazelton, District 3A

Michael Surles, District 4

Curtis Stackhouse, District 8

Caroline Burnette, District 9

John Hoyte (J.) Stultz III, District 9A

Frank Wood, District 11

Tiffany Whitfield, District 12

C. Ashley Gore, District 13

Shamieka Rhinehart, District 14

Samantha Cabe, District 15B

Sherri Murrell, District 15B

Tonia Cutchin, District 18

Bill Davis, District 18

Marc Cummings, District 18

Lora Cubbage, District 18

Carrie F. Vickery, District 21

Aretha Black, District 26

Congratulations to each of these new Judges; top rated Greensboro criminal lawyers Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson look forward to appearing in these newly elected judicial officials courtrooms!