New Documentary By Law Firm Bryan Miller

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Friend of Garrett, Walker and Aycoth, and thousands of NC Bar Association Members across the state, Bryan Miller, has created a masterpiece of storytelling, chronicling a fraternal fight in a one-hour documentary, “Woodhouse Divided.”  The film can be watched free at woodhousedivided.


The documentary follows the two brothers for nearly four years, from the health care fight in 2009, to Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012. Brad Woodhouse leads the communications shop at the DNC and Dallas Woodhouse leads rallies across the state against Obamacare. And it follows the two brothers at family holiday gatherings, as they bring their heated arguments to the dinner table.

The documentary is an engaging discussion of political polarization, and how two intelligent, funny, and loving brothers can possess vastly different views on the direction of their country.

Bryan Miller’s storytelling is flawless, and the film itself is funny and memorable.

 The attorney in Greensboro at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth, always diverse advocates for different causes, are thrilled to introduce you to this documentary, and congratulate Bryan on creating such a wonderful viewing experience. Our personal injury lawyer is here to help you should you be involved in a car accident.