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Meth Found at Swimming Spot per Attorney

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Imagine being at a local swimming area with your children and you just so happen to find multiple babies of meth. Our Greensboro attorney advises that that’s exactly what happened to one local family when the father found a baggie with crystals and powder inside. Our top rated lawyer in Greensboro advises that the swimming area was only 14 feet away from where the drugs were found.

Another mother said her 3-year-old almost grabbed another bag which was located under a life jacket stand. Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer advises that just a little bit of meth could very well have killed the child if consumed. Officers on scene felt fortunate to have narcan on them but dread the day where they have to use it on a very young child. Our Greensboro criminal lawyer is aware that if an officer is exposed to it, they need to administer narcan on themselves or have someone else do it. It could very well be a matter of life or death according to a Greensboro wrongful death lawyer.

Our top rated family lawyer in Greensboro sends out their thoughts and prayers to those families and is happy to hear that though a scary situation, everyone is okay.