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Men Steal Car with Child Inside per Attorney

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Greensboro Attorney

To start at the of this rather crazy story, law enforcement found a stolen motor vehicle with a child still safely inside of it after a scary search. A Greensboro attorney at our law firm was told that 1 year old child was in a 1028 Kia when two men stole the car from the gas station.

The investigation has revealed that it doesn’t appear the men knew the child, but rather they were focused on stealing a car and probably later found out a child was inside. A top rated lawyer in Greensboro was told that the baby was found around 7 AM in it’s car seat on Memphis Street in Guilford County. Apparently the baby was left near a house and the homeowner found the child crying.

The gas station security cameras caught the men on tape and now law enforcement is attempting to find them. Our Greensboro lawyer will continue to keep you updated on this situation.