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Men Accused of Hiding Body per Greensboro Attorneys

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According to a personal injury attorney near me, the extent of any personal injuries suffered did not appear from the outside. Officers have said there was no signs of trauma that led to the man’s wrongful death. They are continuing to investigate the criminal case.

However, police found the man inside of a stairwell and it’s law enforcements belief that the man did not get there on his own.

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They feel he was transported there by two other men. Police reviewed video evidence that showed three men carry the man’s body out of the apartment.

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Our personal injury attorney advises that they cleaned the hallway so hide their tracks and what they had done.

Police searched the apartment and found almost a trafficking in heroin quantity of drugs, just under 4 grams. They also found 19.68 grams of meth. Our criminal attorney has been advised that one of the men were in the apartment when police arrived.

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The men have been charged with concealment of death and possession of a schedule I controlled substance. Our law firm is continuing to look into this case.