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Maxwell Convicted per Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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A monthlong trial has ended and Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of luring girls to be sexually abused by Jeffery Epstein. Girls who were as young as 14 at the time, testified against her, and witnesses testified to abuse in the 1990’s and 2000’s. The best criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro NC was advised that she was convicted of 5 of the 6 counts she was on trial for.

The criminal defense lawyers representing Maxwell, focused their defense on the fact that she was the victim of vindictive prosecution. Her criminal lawyers said that they were taking out their frustration on Epstein on her, because Epstein committed suicide.

District Attorneys advised that Epstein would not have had access to these girls without Maxwell. Jurors were told they would have to continue to deliberate  on New Years Eve and New Years Day. The jury asked for trial transcripts from the five criminal jury trial witnesses.

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The criminal justice lawyers for Maxwell appeared to be encouraged by the length of the jury deliberations. The testimony requested to be reviewed also included that of a memory expert, who testified that memories can be corrupted.

Maxwell is 60 years old. She was arrested in July 2020 and had been deemed a flight risk. Our bond motion lawyer in Greensboro was advised that she has been held without bail since her arrest in July. Her sentencing will come shortly and she will be facing a multitude of years behind bars. It will remain to be seen if she will provide information on others involved with Epstein in exchange for the hope of a lesser sentence.

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