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Man Who Assaulted Baliff Sentenced per Criminal Attorney

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Assaults are just a part of the criminal justice system according to a criminal attorney Guilford County NC. However, some assaults standout as a result of the nature of the assault, who was assaulted, the significance of the personal injuries, and sometimes it’s just whether or not local news picks up the case.

The case involving the assault of a government official at the local jail made headlines when the detention officer received serious personal injuries. Our Greensboro criminal attorneys were advised that the man was convicted of the most serious criminal charge, which was assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injuries.

Local witnesses and family members who had the opportunity to watch the assault commented that they believe the assault very well could have killed the detention officer. Our criminal defense attorneys in Guilford County were advised the just after the violent assault the young man showed no remorse.

The man plead guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The detention officer is still attending rehab with no end to it in sight. The criminal defense attorney for the man who plead guilty to the assault, advised that he had severe mental health issues and needed treatment. The criminal lawyer commented that if he had received treatment this incident may never have happened. This assault on a government official happened at the same time as a number of assaults took place in jails across the country.

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