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Man Saves Day During Apartment Fire

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney

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Imagine sitting in your apartment when all of a sudden it starts filling up with smoke from a nearby fire. Our Greensboro attorney was very impressed by the next steps this man took. Not only did he get out of his apartment, but he went and warned all of his neighbors to make sure they were brought to safety.

Just before 1 AM, the fire department showed up on scene and within 3 minutes everyone was evacuated according to a Greensboro personal injury lawyer. The entire fire was under control in 11 minutes. The fire appeared to impact nine of the apartment units and as a result of it several families have been displaced.

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The complex has extended the offer to several of the people who have been displaced that they can make use of some of the empty units.

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Our Greensboro lawyer has also been advised that the Red Cross is also helping people.

Thanks to the man’s quick actions and the fire department no one was injured as a result of this apartment fire.

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They believe the fire started in a kitchen according to a top rated lawyer at our law firm.