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ESPN Anchor Injured in Set Collapse

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Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyer

ESPN is where we go to find out the latest and greatest when it comes to sports. Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer was advised that the set of a recent show collapsed while ESPN was filming. There were 6 ESPN anchors talking during the show, when the set fell forward onto one of the anchors.

Our personal injury attorney advises that the set collapses and you see the anchor’s head hit the desk in front of him incredibly hard. We’re happy to report that as crazy as the accidental collapse seemed he’s okay! Our attorney in Greensboro found it interesting that the video didn’t show the other anchors moving to help him at all just after it happened.

He was treated for his personal injuries right after it happened and is doing well. He’s also thankful to those who supported him during and after this ordeal.