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Man Claims Dead Body at McDonald’s for a Ride

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McDonald’s has a lot of lore and stories connected to the long running fast-food franchise. Our Greensboro attorney would like to think that this is a first. A 46 year old man called 911 claiming that there was a dead body at the restaurant per a wrongful death lawyer.

Law enforcement quickly arrived on scene only to find the man sitting on the curb. The man later admitted that he made the story up solely for a ride home from the police. Police later ran through his use of 911 and found that he had placed multiple calls asking for a ride, but he was told he could only get one if was in need of medical assistance per a personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC.

They ended up arresting the man and charging him with misuse of 911. He is still in jail according to arrest records, though it would appear he may be suffering from some sort of mental health related issue. Our attorney in Greensboro will continue to keep you updated on this case.