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Major Marijuana Bust per Marijuana Lawyer

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Marijuana Lawyer

A top rated marijuana lawyer in Greensboro at our law firm was advised that law enforcement intercepted two vehicles carrying over 250 lbs of marijuana. Yesterday, they conducted a stop on the interstate of the first vehicle which had a driver from New York. The K-9 gave a positive indicator for drugs being inside of the vehicle.

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Upon searching the car, our criminal lawyer in Greensboro was advised that they located 118 pounds of what’s termed ‘high grade marijuana’ in the trunk. They took the driver into custody.

Another vehicle drove by and law enforcement alleged that the vehicle failed to move over one lane from their current stop.

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For some reason the officers thought the vehicles might be together so they stopped it for the infraction according to a traffic ticket lawyer in Greensboro. Upon searching the vehicle, they found 138 pounds of marijuana.

Our top rated attorney in Greensboro has been advised that the total street value of the marijuana is in excess of $2.3 million. The men have been charged with felony trafficking in marijuana, felony conspiracy to traffic marijuana, felony possession with the intent to sell and deliver marijuana, and felony possession of marijuana.

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Our bond motion lawyer is yet to be told what their bonds are in this situation.

Our Greensboro marijuana lawyer is here to help you and your family if you or someone you know has been charged with possession of marijuana in Greensboro, NC. We’re here to help!