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Locksmith saves the day per Greensboro Attorney

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Locksmiths do a lot to help us when we have lock or key problems. However, one locksmith went above and beyond the call of duty recently according to a Greensboro attorney. The locksmith was called out to a house to change locks for a woman.

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He noted that the entire time he was there a man remained close to her. When she was going to pay by phone he also saw that she had to go to the man for the information. Our Greensboro lawyer was told the man had arrived the previous night. Had texted her partner something false, and had her kept in a room and continued to kiss her.

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She talked him out of sex due to labeling a concern for a medical problem.

She said she became compliant with his demands because he began to threaten stabbing her and himself and burning the house down.

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Deputies reported to our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro that this man had entered her home on three prior occasions and held her against her will.

She had written 911 on her hand and showed it to the locksmith. The locksmith called the police and our attorney in Greensboro received word that they showed up and arrested the man. He is currently in custody under no bond.