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Lawyers in Greensboro receive update on Former Cold Case Murder

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Our lawyers in Greensboro receive all sorts of updates on criminal cases in Greensboro. Just yesterday, a cold case homicide from 7 years ago resulted in an arrest. Seven Years ago a woman’s body was found behind a church in Greensboro. It took 4 months for law enforcement to be able to identify the woman after her pictures posted online and her family recognized her. Police then confirmed her identity matching fingerprints with the decedent according to our lawyers in Greensboro.

Seven Years later a man is set to be released from prison for an attempted-rape sentence. The woman was killed by blunt force trauma and new information had come to light which presented them with a new suspect.

The man just left prison and was immediately arrested for the murder. The man was placed in custody and is currently under no bond or what would term a murder hold until he has his Rule 24 motion which is where the district attorneys’ office makes a determination on whether or not they’ll proceed capitally. Our lawyers in Greensboro are awaiting to find out more about this case in terms of what evidence had come to light to make this man the prime suspect. We handle every type of homicide case and it’s unfortunate that this woman appears to have lose her life for a total unnecessary reason.

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