Lawyer in Greensboro gives update on High Point DWI

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney

Sad cases abound in every community in this state and in this country. But according to our lawyer, a case coming out of High Point, North Carolina over the course of this weekend is especially sad.

Law enforcement alleges that a father was driving 5 others, including his son, while intoxicated, when he veered off the road. His car crashed into some trees after police say he was driving in excess of 100 MPH. After the accident with the trees, the car then collided with a fence and caught fire.

The alleged driver of the vehicles son unfortunately died in the car accident. Police believe the father ran from the scene, which resulted in multiple personal injuries in High Point, North Carolina. Some of the passengers had facial cuts and one had a broken back, but all of the other occupants are expected to survive the violent car accident.

The man is still on the run and law enforcement has advised that they’re seeking to charge the man with one count of second degree murder along with driving while impaired and felony hit & run.

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