Juries to Decide Fate of Uber and Lyft Drivers

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In our modern “instant” economy where many formerly stable jobs are now crowd-sourced, few services have drawn the scrutiny of substitute taxi services Uber and Lyft. While rider safety also lies at the center of the debate, a less flashy issue is also under consideration – whether drivers are employees or independent contractors. In two lawsuits filed in California, federal judges have decided to leave that question to juries to decide at trial. While its eventual impact is limited to that area of the country for now, the decision could ripple across the country. If the companies win, businesses will likely be able to carry on as usual, continuing the push for more and more independent contractor relationships. If they lose, it could begin to reshape the legal definition of an employee, potentially leading to more rights for workers across the country and more obligations for the businesses that hire them.

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