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Injury Attorney gives Box Truck Accident Update

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A North Carolina State Trooper said a man lost his life on the interstate after a car accident on I-68. Our personal injury attorney in Greensboro was that the 49 year old man was driving a minivan when he crashed into the back of box truck per a trucking accident attorney in Greensboro.

Both of the people inside of the box truck were not injured as a result of this collision. However, they were saddened to hear what happened to the man in the minivan. Accident recinstructionists are on scene attempting to figure out what could have caused the man to not see the stopped traffic. Our personal injury lawyer in Greensboro NC is waiting to see if something medical took place, or perhaps they were distracted by their phone or something else in the vehicle. Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro NC will continue to keep you updated. Contact a Greensboro attorney at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, should you or a family member be involved in a trucking accident. We’re here to help!