How to Pick Up Evidence Seized by the Greensboro Police Department

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The trial attorneys at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth often find ourselves answering questions about how to retrieve wrongfully seized evidence, or evidence that should be returned to our clients after a dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

If seized by the Greensboro Police Department, you first must receive a court order or written authorization from the relevant officer.  You will need a valid photo ID and the case number.  The goods will then be available to be picked up at the Evidence Division, 300 S. Swing Rd., Greensboro.

The office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-4 pm. The phone number is 373-2427.

If the evidence in question is a car, gun, or money, you should call in advance.

If we can assist you, please call us at 336-379-0539.