Car’s Towed by the Greensboro Police After a DWI or Traffic Stop

In Criminal, Traffic by GWAO

One of the most frequently asked questions following a traffic stop is about the legality of the vehicle’s seizure.

Often following a DWI, if the Greensboro Police Officer chose to tow your car, here is the way to retrieve your vehicle.

First, you need the vehicle’s current registration or title.  Second, a photo ID.  And finally, $20 for an administrative fee.  Bring these items to Police Records, 320 Federal Place (100 Police Plaza).

With these proper items, you will then be given a claim ticket and told where the towing company is and the identification of which company.

 The towing company’s fees are separate and must be paid directly to the company.

You can call the GPD at 373-2433 for more information.

If your vehicle was seized or towed, we can assist you in obtaining your car, and defending you against the underlying offense.  Call us at Garrett, Walker and Aycoth, we are here to help!