How Insurance Companies Use These 4 Tricks to Take Your Settlement Money

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Four Traps Insurance Companies Use to Steal Your Auto Crash Settlement Money

Those huckster insurance companies… what’ll they come up with next?

In North Carolina, the unfortunate reality is that insurance companies have laws written in their favor. That’s the world you live in, whether you want to or not. They have power like this in many states.  Our Greensboro Car Crash Lawyers know how to take care of them, but they’re dangerous.

It’s too bad things are that way. But, they are.

Insurance companies do give a lot of lip service to covering your accident and injuries fairly.

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It makes them look good. And it minimizes the chances state officials and elected officials would ever get on their case.

But, don’t fall for it! When you watch their actions, a far different story comes to surface.

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Law may not call it “theft,” but that’s precisely what insurance companies do. And here are some tricks you should look out for that they might use to reduce or eliminate your accident settlement:

  1. Bait You Into Making Statements that Minimize Your Claim

Adjusters record what you say. They will imply law requires you to make a statement. But, the key word is “imply.” Adjusters have to imply the law says this because law forbids them from saying it explicitly.

You don’t have to say a thing to an adjuster unless you want to. And you should only talk to them by yourself when the facts of your accident are indisputably straightforward.

  1. Claiming You’ll Get More Money When You Settle Without an Attorney

Attorneys are expensive, aren’t they? Some are. And let’s be honest: some lawyers only want to get your money. But, many are fair and honest and act with integrity.

Insurance companies will try to tell you that you’ll lose money when you hire an attorney because attorney’s fees will take away most of your claim. Or, they’ll say researched statistics prove this.

Ask to see such statistics. Here’s a hint: they don’t have any such statistics.

You almost certainly get more money when you hire an attorney with integrity.

  1. Claiming Someone Else Was at Fault

The insurance company could suggest you were partially or mostly at fault for the accident. They could also say a third party was at fault.

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They’ll interpret circumstances any way they can to show they don’t have to pay.

Remember, claims adjusters get paid based on how little they pay you, how quickly they settle your accident claim, and whether they keep lawyers out of it.

  1. Delay Acting On Your Claim

Insurance companies will ignore you within the limits of the law, and sometimes even beyond that. They say they’ll “call you back.” They’re “still processing your paperwork.” They’ll give you an intentionally low settlement offer.

They just want to see what you’ll put up with. They know many consumers feel powerless and afraid, and they play on that.

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