Greensboro DWIs are political and getting worse…

In Greensboro DWIs are political and getting worse... by GWAO

Greensboro DWIs are political and getting worse…

Is there a more politically charged “criminal offense” in North Carolina than Driving While Impaired? We now practice law, whether a judge, prosecutor or defense attorney, where a defendant charged with murder has more rights than someone charged with a DWI.

The joke is that there are two Constitutions – one for DWI defendants, one for everyone else. But this joke is not funny – explain to the least sophisticated defendant that the State has a right to appeal a loss, and watch them explain to you the concept of double jeopardy. Television lawyers have taught our citizens about the Constitution – perhaps our Justices should watch more TV.

The law changes quickly concerning North Carolina DWIs and sentencing. However, the “drastic” changes, rather than being “new” to us in 2014, are “new” to us not as abstract statutory authority, but now as practical everyday courtroom occurrences. The “Aggravated Level-One” sentencing we anticipated has now become a standard part of our vocabulary and case analysis; the blood tests we waited for and anticipated the State’s legal arguments on why the case shouldn’t be dismissed – well, we may be still waiting on the blood results, but the statutes have been tested and now have some “real-world” applicability.

So the first and best resources remains the still viable “ABCs of DWI,” by top rated Greensboro DWI lawyer Chad Garrett and Joel Oakley. It is still “up-to-date,” and remains the bedrock of courtroom questions and answers. Few true “updates” are necessary – although they are certainly addressed here – but what is most vital is a review of the “new” laws we are just now dealing with day to day. The mystery and ambiguity of those statutes have been resolved by time and application – now we must reengage the statutes and apply our knowledge and intellect to how the our judges, legislature, and DAC regulators are interpreting impaired driving law. And we must be prepared to argue for or against those interpretations.

So if you are an attorney seeking guidance, or are yourself charged with a DWI, contact Greensboro’s best DWI attorneys at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth and Olson.  We are happy to discuss any aspect of your case or approach to the DWI courtroom.  We are here to help!