How Greensboro Defense Attorney’s Prepare for Superior Court Trials

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Greensboro defense attorney’s prepare for Superior Court trials in different ways.

Trials are the cornerstone of the criminal system. Every defendant is guaranteed the right to trial. Although the foundation of our system is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the reality is very different. A mere accusation is devastating, and without the right to confront one’s accusers, our society would not enjoy the freedoms, even imperfect, that our Constitution strives to provide.

The Superior Court trial procedure is usually fairly uniform.

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However, no book or text can replace experience.

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Every attorney should seek a mentor that allows them to work on a trial from the first stage to the last, either as a second chair, or even a simple observer.

Every attorney has a different method of organizing and preparing for trial.

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It is always recommended however, that counsel, in their own manner, create a trial notebook or resource manual that includes all warrants, indictments, discovery, voir dire topic lists or sample questions, witnesses lists (and potential topics for direct or cross for each witnesses), blank pages for note taking, anticipated jury instructions, an exhibit checklist or organizational chart, relevant case law, legal arguments for potential objections, and a copy of the N.C. Rules of Evidence, along with sample foundation questions. It may also be beneficial to at least sketch out the issues of each stage or witnesses of your trial, the goals or “must-have” evidentiary inclusions for each witness, and a one-sentence theme, inclusive of the approach or focus of the entire trial, that you want to convey to the jurors.

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