How Does Greensboro’s Traffic Court Work?

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How does Greensboro’s traffic court work?

Here are some highlights and common questions of traffic court law necessities, touching on both practical knowledge and of the type of work a lawyer or paralegal may handle.

Driving Records – Typically, there are four methods to obtain a driving record. FIRST – an attorney can get a free copy from the Sheriff’s Department using a standard form, which will need to be notarized, depending on your jurisdiction’s rules. SECOND – you can get a copy from the NC DMV by use of this website,, and by completing a DL-DPPA-1 form. THIRD – you can get a copy from the DA’s office in open court on the court date, again, depending on your jurisdiction. FOURTH, you can use a commercial provider (expensive).

  • How long is a Driving Record good for?Depends on the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) and Judge. Generally, a record obtained within 30-days of court is valid.
  • Helping the client before Court
    • Look over the driving record.

If you see an “INDEF” beside any charge, this means that this matter is not completed and it has resulted in the person’s driver’s license being revoked (DWLR). A criminal charge of DWLR is a big, scary, misdemeanor, potential high fine, further revocation or even jail-type, livelihood-affecting problem. Sometimes solving the DWLR issue is as simple as paying off an old fine in a case. The ADA will often dismiss a DWLR charge if the “old problem” which resulted in the revocation is fixed.

  • Accident/Proof of payment

Often the ADA will dismiss/reduce a charge relating to a car accident if there is proof that insurance has paid the claim. Get this proof from the insurance company.

  • Missing Court – Money!

There is a $200 Failure to Appear Fee. Do your best to keep your client and yourself or your office informed of the court date so that this cost is not assessed.

  • Missing Court – Driver’s License!

An individual can lose their driver’s license. Do your best to keep your client and attorney informed of the court date.

  • Inform Client of potential Court Costs

Make sure you and the client know how much this will likely cost. The Court Costs are online on the homepage of the NC Court’s website.

  • Inspection/Vehicle tag/Lapsed Insurance cases

The ADA will almost always dismiss these upon proof of getting this stuff fixed/completed. Get the client to get you these records.

  • Complete the needed Court forms

Before Court, the captions of the forms should be completed. Cost sheet forms are available in the courtrooms and the caption should be completed to save yourself time on busy mornings and assure accuracy.

  • Obtain Appearance Waivers

Recall that there are certain types of driving charges where the defendant can sign a waiver and the attorney can go to court an enter plea/judgment on his behalf. The link/document for mandatory/waiveable offenses is:

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