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House Party Leads to Murder per Criminal Defense Attorney

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Police were called to the scene just before midnight according to criminal defense attorneys in Greensboro, North Carolina. Upon arrival they found a single victim with a gunshot wound.

Witnesses at the scene advised that a person was having a private party at their house. During the party, about 20 uninvited guests showed up according to a criminal lawyer in Greensboro. An argument ensued and a fight broke out leading to all sorts of mayhem. At some point someone pulled out a firearm and started shooting.

A 20-year-old man was shot and killed according to a Greensboro criminal defense attorney. This has gone from an assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury investigation to now a murder investigation. Given the sheer volume of people at the party, it is most likely the police have identified a suspect and are currently in the process of finding them.

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Our criminal attorneys in Greensboro, NC, see this situation play out all of the time and most likely the person who did it is nowhere local at this point in time. They are probably in a different state and now the search continues to where they may be. Our criminal defense lawyers in Greensboro, NC will continue to keep you updated on the status of this case.

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