Expert Witnesses 

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No matter what type of case you are preparing in your defense, personal injury or criminal, expert witnesses play a huge role in the direction your case can go. There are different types of expert witnesses, and if your encounter with them will help your case, it is best to try to have them make a statement, testify, or write a letter.

Medical professional statements are extremely critical because they range from emotional to physical witnesses, as a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA  like one at The Lynch Law Group can explain. Medical experts can be doctors, or specialists. Medical experts have the ability to prove the extent of your injuries and how they have affected you mentally, physically, and emotionally in a personal injury case. They can also be the one factor to contribute to prove your mental capacity to commit a crime, or simply the cause of death.  Medical expert witnesses are very commonly used in cases.

Financial professional statements are favorable in personal injury cases. They help analyze the numbers, and show what an individual may need to be able to survive after a personal injury claim. In criminal cases they are used in white-collar crimes mainly.

Forensic professional statements may be most helpful in a criminal case as they can paint the picture to a jury or judge, helping them visualize a crime scene and recognize more realistic possibilities of how a crime was committed. Their testimonies can help prosecution or defense.

The testimony, or statement of an expert witness can be more beneficial than character witnesses because they are an unbiased and skilled professional that can lay down the facts without connecting any subjective information that can negatively affect your case. 

Whether you are filing a personal injury claim, or in the middle of a criminal case, it is important to know and understand which expert witness will benefit your case. You do not have to figure it out alone. If you or a loved one is currently in the process of any legal case, speak with a skilled personal injury or criminal defense attorney that will be able to review your case and know which expert witness testimony will help your case and be sure to obtain a statement for you.