Hit & Run Claims Life of Angela Haith per Attorney

In Personal Injury by Greensboro Attorney


An attorney in Greensboro is saddened to report on the passing of Angela Haith. We knew her quite well and she always was kind and such a wonderful person. Ms. Haith was killed in a hit & run according to a Greensboro criminal lawyer.

It was just before 12:30 AM, at Choppers Bar in Greensboro. The man who police say is named, Daniel Bruton, was leaving the parking lot in a reckless manner. We are unaware as of this point in time as to whether there is surveillance video from the scene.

In leaving the parking lot his vehicle ran over Ms. Haith. A personal injury lawyer in Greensboro at our law firm was advised that she died from her injuries. The man didn’t wait around for investigators as our attorney in Greensboro was told he fled the scene.

According to a Greensboro criminal attorney at our law firm, the man is going to facing felony death by motor vehicle charges, felony hit & run, along with most likely a DWI or DUI.

The thoughts and prayers of all of our top rated lawyers in Greensboro go out to Ms. Haith and her entire family. She will be dearly missed. Contact our lawyers in Greensboro if you or someone you know is in need of help with a pending case. We’re here to help!