Greensboro Attorney updates Deadly Collision

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Greensboro Attorney

Car Accidents as of late seem to have started the year on a rough note, as we’re seeing more and more deadly car accidents involving trees according to a Greensboro attorney. Yesterday, multiple people were inside of a car when it crashed into a tree, killing two people inside of the car.

An attorney in Greensboro at our law firm was advised that the accident occurred inside of a neighborhood. A Greensboro personal injury attorney was shocked…to think that they were going fast enough in a neighborhood to hit a tree and two people die. Two others inside of the vehicle were seriously injured and are listed as critical per a Greensboro car accident lawyer.

The thoughts and prayers of our lawyers in Greensboro go out to families of those who lost their lives and those who are hospitalized. Greensboro, stay safe, and take your time with the things you’re doing.