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High Speed Chase results in Drug Trafficking

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Greensboro Drug Trafficking Attorney

A man who drove 187 MPH apparently had a reason to do so. Law enforcement after a multi-county chase through North Carolina had to deploy a spike strip to slow the car down.

It all started as a simple traffic stop at which point the man put his foot on the gas pedal and sped off from NC State Highway Patrol. The high speed chase led to speeds in excess of 180 MPH according to a Greensboro traffic ticket attorney. Law enforcement used a spike strip to which he veered off the road and crashed into a bush. According to a Greensboro personal injury attorney the man did not suffer injuries as a result of the high speed car accident.

Apparently, they also found a felony amount of drugs in his vehicle and charged him with trafficking in heroin. He’s now been charged with two traffic violations, three misdemeanor charges and three separate felony drug trafficking charges along with felony fleeing to elude arrest. His bond is $125,000. We suspect that a bond motion will be filed shortly.

Our Greensboro drug trafficking attorney is yet to hear the total quantity of heroin he was alleged to possess.