Felony Flee to Elude results from Routine Traffic Stop

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The stop happened simple enough with a ford truck being pulled over for a broken taillight around 2 AM. The Deputy noticed an empty beer can in the driver’s lap and asked the driver to exit on suspicion of DUI. The driver sped away and multiple law enforcement agencies provided chase. At one point the driver opened the door and opened fire at the officers. The chase stopped once the gunmen had a Car Accident with a K9 Car. The man is charged with DWLR, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Felony Flee to Elude Arrest, and the District Attorney’s Office has said that they will pursue Attempted Murder Charges against the gunman. Our Greensboro Criminal Lawyers are here to help with any criminal charges in Greensboro, High Point and Asheboro. We also have Greensboro Federal Lawyers at our disposal to assist, should you or someone you know be charged with a Federal Crime.