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High Speed Chase leads to Death per Attorney

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It all started with law enforcement engaging their blue lights for a vehicle stop and the vehicle kept on going. According to a Greensboro lawyer, law enforcement then proceeded to follow the car in a chase where speeds exceed 90 MPH.

After a short chase, our Greensboro car accident lawyer was advised that the driver veered off the road and struck a tree. There is no information at this point in time as to whether a pit maneuver was attempted that caused the crash or what exactly transpired to cause the accident.

EMS arrived on scene and pronounced the driver dead according to a wrongful death lawyer. Multiple agencies are currently involved in the investigation of the crash.

Our Greensboro personal injury lawyer has advised that it could be that the high rate of speed caused the driver to lose control which led to his fatal crash.

Regardless of the facts and circumstances surrounding the crash, the thoughts and prayers of our family lawyers go out to the man who lost his life. Stay safe Greensboro!