ALE Raid Leads to Firearm Seizure per Lawyer

In Criminal by Greensboro Attorney


The Greensboro Police Department along with the North Carolina Alcohol Enforcement Agency (ALE) conducted raids on parts of Randolph Avenue according to a Greensboro lawyer. According to a spokesman for ALE, they executed search warrants on a number of homes in the area.

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ALE confirmed that this was a multi-day operation that was still in progress and would release information on the findings of these raids once their investigation was complete.

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Our Greensboro criminal lawyer was told that news crews spotted firearms being carried out of one of the homes they were executing a search warrant on.

Police have blocked off Randolph Avenue in Greensboro as they continue their raids.

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Our lawyers in Greensboro NC will continue to keep you informed and updated as to the status of this criminal investigation.