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High Point Working to Lower Crime Rates

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Local law enforcement is making every effort to reduce violent crime in and around Greensboro and High Point, NC. Our Greensboro attorney reports that unlike Greensboro, High Point violent crime is down 10% as compared to last year. Murders are down 26%.

Officers say they’re trying to be more visible in high crime areas and their focus has gone from repeat offenders to teenagers as they’re seen to be the group most likely to commit an aggravated assault or be caught with a firearm.

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Our lawyers in Greensboro NC report that it appears to be the younger offenders who are committing violent crimes and not the generation above them.

When speaking with an attorney in Greensboro, it appears that their focus is gang activity. Hence the reason law enforcement believes that it’s younger generation who are being initiated into that life who are committing violent crime.

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