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High Point Shoplifting Lawyer – Shoplifter Held in Duct Tape

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A man had gone into a store and started Shoplifting per personal injury attorneys by placing beer in his backpack directly in front of an employee of the store. The employee confronted the man, stating that the Shoplifter had not paid for the beer according to a Greensboro attorney.

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The Shoplifter pulled out a knife and sliced the employee. The employee and the Shoplifter struggled and disarmed the man with the help of another employee.

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The employees then duct taped the man’s hands and feet together outside the store.

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Police arrived on scene and charged the man with Shoplifting, Robbery and Assault. One thing’s for certain, if you don’t wish to be duct taped together by a divorce attorney, probably best not to go about Shoplifting at that store.

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