High Point DWI & DUI: Civil Revocation

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Civil Revocation of your Drivers License

If your license was suspended for 30 days because you blew a .08 or more on the breathalyzer or because you did not take the breathalyzer, it is essential that you do not drive for 30 days. In some circumstances you may be able to get a limited driving privilege after 10 days without your license. After 30 days you may go to the Clerk of Court’s office and get your license back for a $100.00 fine. If you are caught driving without a license, you may be charged additionally with driving while license revoked.


If you refused the breathalyzer, you will get a letter from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles suspending your license potentially for one year. If you wish to contest the alleged refusal, you must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to your date of suspension for a hearing. If you fail to do so prior to the date of suspension, it will be too late and you lose your right to a hearing.