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Guilford County Criminal Lawyer Update

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Guilford County Criminal Lawyer

It all started with a major scare according to a Guilford County criminal lawyer. A local school went on lockdown just before the close of the day due to a possible gun on campus. Our lawyers in Guilford County NC were advised that no one had been threatened with the firearm, but there had been a tip received that a gun was on their campus.

As it turned out, our criminal defense lawyer in Guilford County NC was advised that a 14-year-old girl had left her cell phone at home. Her mother saw a text message come to the phone that asked if she had a ‘piece to sell.’ This led to the mother contacting the school about the gun according to a Guilford County criminal defense attorney.

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The school resource officer locked the school down and approached the student. The gun was retrieved and fortunately, no one was injured according to our Greensboro criminal attorney. The young girl was removed from the school and has been suspended through December 2022. No criminal charges resulted from this situation.

Parents were notified through the schools automated messaging system. After the firearm was located, the school resumed it’s normal schedule and was dismissed on time. Our criminal defense lawyer in Guilford County is happy to report that no one was injured as a result of this incident and life had returned to normal for the students.

Guilford County Drug Lawyer

A 32-year-old nurse pled guilty this week to attempting to tamper with consumer products according to a Guilford County drug lawyer. She has been accused and accepted responsibility for replacing opioids with salients for four straight months while working at Novant Health. Our top rated drug lawyer in Guilford County NC was advised that she could face up to 10 years in prison with a period of supervised release to follow.

The issue initially doesn’t seem that serious until further details are revealed. The investigation uncovered that the nurse was removing opiate injections from the medical center. Our drug lawyers in Guilford County were advised that she would inject the vials into herself and the replace the opiate solution with saline. She would then put the vials back and nurses would then unknowingly inject patients.

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Our top rated drug lawyer was advised that they investigated the situation and later confronted the nurse. She then admitted to what she was going. Sadly, the opioid issue effects people of every age and background. What she did was terrible, but then again she too is a victim of the opioid crises. Fortunately, she’s still alive, but she will most likely spend a pretty heavy amount of time in custody as a result of this situation. In the past year, over 100,000 Americans have died from opioid overdoses.

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High Point Police are currently on the lookout for a man wanted in to stabbings according to our assault lawyer. The assault on a female took place late yesterday afternoon.

Local reports have advised our assault on a female lawyers that a 28-year-old man got into a fight with one woman. This led to him stabbing her multiple times. She has stab wounds to her heads and hands and is currently listed in critical condition.

Another woman tried to intervene according to an assault on a female lawyer in Guilford County and had severe cuts on her hands. Police have issued several warrants due to this violent assault, including assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

We hope you and your family stay safe and have a great rest of your week!