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BB gun at School per Lawyers in Greensboro

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Local school officials have advised that a B.B. Gun was found on the campus of a local school. Our lawyers in Greensboro were advised that there may have been two different students with the weapon on the school grounds.

The principal advised our Greensboro lawyer that one student was found with the B.B. gun and another was found with a real unloaded gun at the same school. Our top rated lawyers in Greensboro were told that the two incidents are not believed to be related. The parents have been contacted and fortunately there were not any threats as a result of these incidents.

Our criminal lawyers in Greensboro was told both students will be disciplined as a result of these incidents and there will not be criminal charges. There’s been a major shift in the feeling about firearms and related weapons being found on high school campuses since the recent school shooting. Our attorneys in Greensboro NC are seeing firsthand how it feels to be a parents in such a tumultuous time.

As more and more weapons are found on educational campuses across North Carolina, the question arises as to what we’re supposed to do? As a community we need to come together to keep our children, our educators and our administrators safe so a real education can take place. Let’s come together as a community to keep guns out of our schools. Stay safe Greensboro!