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Guilford County Attorney updates Hit & Run Case

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Guilford County Attorney

Local law enforcement are investigating a hit and run from yesterday morning. Sadly, a 10 year old was hit by a vehicle and this was reported around 11 AM yesterday morning according to a Guilford County Attorney. Our Greensboro car accident lawyer, continues to look into the case.

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The child was returning home after picking up his lunch from a Guilford County school bus.

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The suspect vehicle was described as light in color and now may have a dent in the right front bumper. One of the school buses in the area apparently got a photo of the suspect vehicle per a Greensboro criminal attorney.

The 10 year old was taken to Brenner’s Hospital with serious personal injuries. Our Greensboro personal injury attorney will continue to keep you updated as to the status of the child. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and also their family as we can fully understand how difficult it is when you have a child in the hospital.

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