Greensboro Traffic Attorneys Wish Everyone Safe Thanksgiving Holiday Travels!

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Greensboro traffic attorneys wish everyone safe Thanksgiving holiday travels! At this time of the year, traveling to see family can be a hectic experience because you may have multiple things happening. It’s important to remember to try your best not to multi-task while you drive.

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At this time of the year, it would be extremely unfortunate for anyone to be hurt due to a negligent driving experience while they were in a rush.

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If you find yourself, injured, or if you were the distracted driver, you should consult with a Greensboro traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

Whether you were the distracted driver, or the person who was injured, it is important to understand the implications of a distracted driving accident. Driving requires your full attention, and most people think of distracted driving as driving while texting or using a cell phone. While those are both forms of distracted driving, they are only part of a long list of what constitutes as distracted driving. For example, adjusting the radio, eating, paying attention to your kids,  and using the GPS are all forms of distracted driving. While some of them may not be “illegal,” it is important to know that they are not at excuse for negligent driving.

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In fact, you could be facing a fine and points on your license just for being pulled over for it. That’s not including the implications of injuring someone while you were driving distracted. If you find yourself on either end of this situation, you should contact a Greensboro traffic lawyer today!

The Greensboro traffic lawyers at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth, and Olson want you to drive safely over the Thanksgiving holiday! If you have questions about a distracted driving accident, please do not hesitate to call and ask. Call at 336-379-0539; we are here to help!