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About Small Claims Court

Many people who have never been involved in a Greensboro small claims court case are unaware that there are different ways to handle a claim, including different courts for different types of accidents.

In cases that involve minor property damage less than $10,000, a person can sue another person or business entity in smallclaims court.

Small claims court is simply a different type of courtroom that handles civil matters that are in controversy or dispute, and are heard by magistrates rather than judges. These hearings are generally far less formal than those in a District or Superior Court.

The local small claims court is located at 201 South Eugene Street in Greensboro, on the 2nd floor of the building.

In order to take your case to this court, there is a small filing fee that must be made by cash or money order and a service fee for each defendant. In addition to providing services for recovery of personal property damage, the small claims court handles cases relating to landlord-tenant disputes and complaints for money owed.

If you are unable to settle with the at-fault party’s insurance company out of court, it is important to have a Greensboro small claims lawyer to bring to small claims court. You will need this type of legal representation to effectively get your point and your evidence across. If not, you may find yourself leaving without any compensation.

At Garrett, Walker, & Aycoth, our legal team can provide you with information regarding small claims court and help you maximize your claim to ensure that you are obtaining all of the compensation that you fairly deserve.

Many cases involve much more compensation than a victim may realize, and small claims court may not be able to handle the case if it exceeds $10,000 (such as in cases where an individual must see a doctor for minor or major injuries).

You can learn more about your case and small claims court by Greensboro small claims attorney from the firm today.